How to Tip You Long Distance Mover

Think about tipping your long distance mover if you have pool tables, pianos, organs, or when hoisting is called for.

Tipping when performing a long distance move can be extremely difficult to calculate. It stems from the fact that more people are required and the average moving price is much higher and will include extra surcharges. When tipping your moving company for cross country moves, the size and distance of your move all go to determine the amount of your tip. But, a state to state move could present you with two different crews, one for loading and one for unloading. You should first double check this with the movers’ supervisor so you will be able to take care of both moving crews. If you find out there will be only one crew performing all the work, then you can leave the tip until all the work is completed. The amount of the tip will greatly depend upon the moving charges.

Bear in mind that long distance moves do cost more due to the fact of the traveling time and fuel costs, it’s not just based on the labor. So, the tip percentage need not reflect the total price. But, don’t forget long distance moves mean more work, such as storage loading and unloading, and then travelling. So, your movers will have already done a lot of hard work, and your tip needs to reflect this. Sometimes the question is how to calculate the tip for your movers. The interstate tips vary anywhere from 5% to 10% of the total amount, in addition to the amount of people involved with your move.

A Tip From Metropolitan Moving & Storage Corporation.
Here is a small piece of advice for people living in Chicago IL – inform your movers in advance that they will be receiving a tip once they transport your goods and complete the move. This is an excellent tactic due to the fact they will take more care moving your items, thus ensuring they will receive a better tip. So, if you are looking to move out of state and are looking for a quality long distance mover, call us now at (773) 287-5353!