Helpful Tips for an Apartment Mover

When moving in or out of apartments, hiring a qualified apartment mover to help is always the best course of action. Doing it alone will eventually take its toll on your back and legs even if you’re physically fit.

The smallest number of movers that will be sent from the moving company you will hire are always two. Two are generally capable of handling one or two bedroom apartments. For larger apartments or condos, three movers will normally be sent.

The price of moving a third-floor apartment will be more than that for moving ones which are on the 1st or 2nd floors. The price is naturally more due to the number of stairs the movers have to travel up and down from.

The work will be much easier if the weather is cooler, and it will be harder when it’s hotter. Under these circumstances, your movers will need more breaks in order to remain rested and hydrated. It is advised that you provide bottled water for your movers, as and when they require it. Another thing you can do would be to schedule your move as early in the morning as possible. Try to schedule the first morning appointment possible, thus ensuring your moving crew is fresh and ready to tackle your move.

Should you decide to move alone, you will have to rope in as many friends and family members as possible to help you move. The more you are able to get, the less the work will be for everyone. By having more people, you will be able to assign them into groups, which means no one single person has to troop up and down stairs all day. Depending on whether you’re moving in or moving out, get one team to move your belongings up or down the stairs, to create a pile. Then get the other group to transport everything from the first pile down to the moving truck. This division will greatly reduce time and energy. Experienced 2 men movers use this method all the time.

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