How to Save Money while Moving

Although most homeowners believe that relocation to a new property is an extremely costly project, we have proof that they are wrong. There are several aspects of moving that can be cost-effective. Today, we would like to discuss packing and tell you how to manage it on really tight budget!

There are two expensive things about packing that you may like to avoid: buying new packing boxes and using professional packing services which are paid by the hour.

  • Here is how you can save on packing services: Ask your friends or family members to help. Instead of paying a bunch of movers for packing your personal belongings and furniture, you can offer people that you can trust to help you with this job and receive a nice treat in return. It will be much cheaper for you to buy a family pizza and a few beers than to pay a high packing service hourly rate.
  • Here is how you can save on packing supplies: Instead of asking your movers for new cardboard boxes, you can use old ones and pay nothing for them. You have several alternatives. One of them is to visit your local grocery store and ask them to give you the delivery boxes which they no longer need and intend to throw away anyway. The other one is to ask your neighbors for packing supplies they no longer need. And the third one is to ask your friends to bring you some containers that you can borrow for your move.
  • You can also save some money if you use old clothes or paper instead of bubble wrap to fill the empty space in boxes where your most fragile possessions are packed.

Of course, the other option you can consider when you want to save some money is look for a moving contractor that can offer you a good deal. Movers in Chicago IL are usually less busy in the middle of the month and when the weather is cold, so this is when they usually offer better deals. Call them then, any you will get a price for the transportation of your belongings that will not harm your budget. Metropolitan Moving & Storage is local mover that can offer you customized relocation feed depending on your requirements!