How to Pack Clothes Ready for Your Moving & Storage Service

Moving house can not only be exciting but stressful also. While it provides an opportunity for change, it also comes with a lot of packing. And while it may seem your clothes are going to be easy to move and only need suitcases and bags, you may want to be slightly more organized before your moving & storage service turns up. Clothing can be quite heavy, and it is important to keep them safe from damage when transporting them from your old residence to your new one. Pack your clothes ahead, and use the right packing materials.

Get rid of what you no longer wear.

It makes no sense packing and moving clothes you no longer wear. Donate the ones that are still good, or any that are not appropriate for the region you will be moving to. Throw out any torn, worn or stained clothing.

Put clothing aside that you will need.

You will not complete your unpacking on the first day, so keep a bag with clothes for you to use when you first get to your new place.

Remember to leave an outfit out on the day of your moving, including any socks and undergarments.

Pack by season.

Pack all your out of season clothes first as you will not need them right away, and you mark the boxes so that you unpack these last.

Use any suitcases.

The best way to pack is the same way you would plan a trip. Fold your clothes into suitcases, so everything is neat and protected. Pack your more delicate clothes in luggage and save the sturdier ones for boxes.

Purchase wardrobe boxes.

These are boxes that have a metal bar on the top, thus allowing clothing to be hung. They are great for dresses, suits, and other clothes that you do not want folded. You can purchase these from movers or supply companies. Buy as many as you can afford. They are approximately $45.00 a box.

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